“Bio-Security Leader”

NuevoAgri is a Multipurpose Disinfectant Powered by Nuevo Technology
Nuevo Bio Solutions is proud to bring our flagship Agricultural disinfectant, NuevoAgri, to the Irish and European Markets.

NuevoAgri brings Bio-Security to a new level. The fastest and most effective multipurpose disinfectant of its kind, NuevoAgri offers MAXIMUM Bio Security: A unique combination of Non-Toxic and Powerful Infection Control, which is also kind to the environment.

NuevoAgri is a Multipurpose Disinfectant Powered by Nuevo Technology

Its powerful action kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds within seconds. Our product replaces the need for individual sanitizers, disinfectants, and antiseptic shampoos with a 3 in 1 fast, effective action. NuevoAgri breaks the chain of infection in all Agriculture areas. Our product has proven to eliminate these harmful infections in the Equine, Bovine, Swine and Poultry sectors.

Our dedicated Research and Development team aim to keep your animals and environment safe at all times through the development of new ideas and innovative products. NuevoAgri not only offers exceptional bespoke Agricultural disinfectants but also offers a comprehensive support service through its Team of Professionals.

Why NuevoAgri is a Leader in Bio-security?

NuevoAgri not only offers an exceptional product but an exceptional service too. This service is backed up by the most competent professionals.

NuevoAgri is

Alcohol free, Chlorine free, Formaldehyde free, 100% Environmentally Friendly, Non Corrosive, Non-Staining, Odour Free, Fully Biodegradable with 99.999% Protection.



Nuevo Bio Solutions is an Irish owned company committed to delivering a new level of Bio-security.